Inorganic hybrid paint
Industry Top Level Inorganic hybrid paint

Dream paint is a water-based, low-VOC classification, and it is a safe paint without unpleasant odor. It can be used anywhere, such as a house, a business place or a factory.
With the inorganic and organic hybrid coating system, the dream paint that has been produced achieves high weatherabiility while minimizing the effects of coating deterioration!
Dream paint contains many nano components that exhibit high functionality and various functions.
This nano component exerts the best functions for a long time and protects the comfortable life.

Excellent cost performance

It is said that silicone paints, which are often used for repainting, need to be repainted about once every 10 years.
Dream paint is one repainting, and the number of repaintings in 30 years is reduced, As a result, the total running costs can be reduced.

Excellent cost performance
High heat shielding

By applying dream paint, it has an infrared reflectance of 90% or more, and furthermore, it has a heat removal property, which can prevent heat accumulation of the coating.
By applying to the roof and outer wall, it is possible to lower the room temperature and reduce the summer air conditioning power consumption!

High heat shielding
High heat shielding
Thermal comparison test with other paints

In a third-party test organization, heat was applied to three slate boards (non-coated,dream paint,other insulations) with an infrared lamp, and the back surface temperature of the board was measured.

Thermal comparison test with other paints
High durability

By controlling the ultraviolet ray that is the surface deterioration source of the coating film, it can reflect only about 5% normally, and it reflects up to 18% in the ultraviolet ray region!
Achieve high durability because it can be a hybrid paint!

Expected service life
Double UV protection
Not only heat but also ultraviolet light is highly reflective
High Adhesion
Achieve an unparalleled adhesion

Adhesion strength of dream paint is 5 times JIS standard!
This adhesive force can be used for a wide range of substrates Non-primer construction is also possible.

High Adhesion
High elasticity

Dream paint is excellent in elasticity, has an expansion ratio of up to 250%, and can follow expansion and contraction due to shaking due to earthquakes or temperature differences. I can do it.
It can cover the hair crack of the substrate to 2mm.

High elasticity
Waterproof and breathable
fire resistance
Dream heat insulation paint Dream heat insulation paint